April is National Humor Month

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Using humor to relieve stress is simple — the benefits are simply wonderful. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to defusing anxiety and frustration. 1. TAKE A HUMOR BREAK. Keep a book of jokes or cartoons handy. If it makes good sense to keep a first-aid kit for medical emergencies, why not a mirth-kit to deal with stressful situations? Ten minutes before a meeting or potentially stressful situation read some funny stories. A smile or chuckle will relax you and better prepare you for a confrontation. A good laugh makes you feel good and allows you to think more clearly and quickly. Humor makes you more efficient — it allows you to function better. 2. LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Humor keeps you from taking yourself too seriously and makes dealing with others easier. 3. CREATE A FUNNY FILE ALL YOUR OWN. Find out what makes you laugh and nurture it. Each of us has an individual sense of humor. There are many life experiences we can look back on and laugh about uproariously. Childhood incidents, school situations, even marriage mishaps. Remember the embarrassing moments that were so painful when they happened but are funny now when you think about them. The next step in developing your funny file is to put together a humor library. Gather up your favorite cartoons, comedy records, joke books, funny video films — anything that will bring a smile to your lips. Bookmark your favorite humorous websites. Just remember to have a good laugh!!