Why Teachers Need Chiropractors

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Tune Up for Summer with Chiropractic: Teacher Appreciation If you’re a teacher and you’ve just spent the better part of a year grading papers and preparing for standardized tests, the thought of adding more homework to your to-do list may feel overwhelming. However, this homework assignment does not require a red pen or long explanations. Teachers, consider giving yourself the assignment of visiting a chiropractor! Occupational Stress and Pain Teachers spend hours on their feet lecturing in front of a class. They’re often hunched over helping with finger paints, picking up children who have fallen, or lugging a load of books and supplies from the car to the classroom. Stress on the body -- and the mind -- can be tough. Lifting and twisting throughout the day can create back pain. Being responsible for a room full of kids who would rather play on their phones than study history can add additional stress. Proactive Approach to Health Now is the perfect time to start regular chiropractic visits. Teachers play an important role in the community by establishing the education foundation for children. They are also role models, so taking care of their health can help set standards for the community’s most impressionable residents. Although it is easy to fill your schedule with helping others and focusing on education, a teacher’s health should not be neglected. By taking a proactive approach to health, you can improve both physical and mental function before another school year begins. Chiropractic care can reduce pain, decrease stress and improve posture. The benefits of seeing a chiropractor are long-term and can be life-changing. Imagine being at your sharpest every single day Why Teachers Need Chiropractors It is easy to put yourself last and ignore back pain or other problems. However, teachers must take control of their health. How can teachers expect students to care about their own health and nutrition without setting a good example for them to learn from? Chiropractors can help teachers by relieving pain that can be a distraction in the classroom. When the aches are gone, it is easier to concentrate on making math problems exciting for students. Yes, I did just use “math” and “exciting” in the same sentence. Additionally, routine chiropractic care can improve response and reaction time. Imagine catching those paper airplanes in mid-flight before they reach another student’s desk; the kids will think you’re awesome! Moreover, regular chiropractic care can improve the quality of your life and relationships. When you feel better physically, a lot of dominoes begin to fall your way. Because you’ll look and feel better, you’ll also communicate more effectively and make better decisions. The long-term health benefits of seeing a chiropractor are worth it. By Lana Bandoim