#1 thing every mom should do is REST!

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To wrap up our month of postpartum information the #1 thing every mom should do is REST! I know, it’s hard especially with littles but it is ESSENTIAL.

I know your tough and can push the tailbone pain, the low/mid back even neck pain aside, push through bleeding past 2 weeks postpartum and the diastasis recti (separated abdominals).

But here’s the thing. This is your body’s way of sending you signals that it is not healed and DAMAGE to tissues is taking place. You can handle it fine now but next month, next year or even 10 years later you may have structural issues that take a lot of work to correct, or hormone/insulin/adrenal misbalance from never really sleeping well from that underlying pain you’ve ignored. Or maybe even guilt from having less patience then you would like because you constantly have some level of pain, even smaller levels.

We recommend staying in bed at least 3 days (ideally 5) and to stay home resting for 21 days except for healthcare appointments. Workouts should begin only after 2 weeks of no bleeding and approved by your healthcare provider.

Listen to your body and let us help your body heal faster with chiropractic care so not only are you able to take care of your family the way you want today, but also 10 years from now.

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